Boabom - Brussels
13-14 April 2024

Join Yemado, director of the Boston School of Boabom and creator of Boabom Journey, for a special live seminar in Brussels!

Saturday April 13th:

13.30-14.45  Seamm Jasani I – Gentle Relaxation in Movement
14.45- 16.15  Boabom – Defense & Energy

16.30- 17.45  Yaanbao – Boabom Defense with Staff


Sunday April 14th: 

10.00- 11.15 Seamm Jasani II
11.15 – 12.15 Yaanbao II 

12.25 – 13.25 Meditation – Seated Techniques

Address: Polyvalente zaal Comenius, Dapperenstraat 20, 1081 Koekelberg (near metro Simonis)

The seminar is open to all. No experience necessary.

Please join us to experience Boabom live, in person.

  •  Any One class: 30 €
  •  Any Two classes: 50 €
  •  All Saturday: 65€
  •  Saturday & Sunday All Classes:  115 €

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What will I learn?


Seamm-Jasani combines gentle, fluid movement with breathing and mindfulness. It is a system of meditation in movement and active relaxation that builds balance, and coordination alongside quietude and peace.


Clear your mind, de-stress and build positive energy as you take a break from your everyday routine. Develop mindfulness through a unique, continually evolving meditation practice.


Learn how to defend yourself not just against physical threats but also against psychological and stressful ones. Experience a martial arts movement system without contact, competition, or hierarchy.

Develop Mind and Body in Unison with Boabom