What is Boabom?

Boabom is a complete, unique system of movement and relaxation that will improve your focus, coordination, confidence, physical condition, and mental well-being.

Feel better, in both body and mind, as you learn this ancient Tibetan art form featuring thorough warm ups, gentle movements, faster self-defense sequences, and meditation.

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Seamm-Jasani combines gentle, fluid movement with breathing and mindfulness. It is a system of meditation in movement and active relaxation that builds balance, and coordination alongside quietude and peace.


Clear your mind, de-stress and build positive energy as you take a break from your everyday routine. Develop mindfulness through a unique, continually evolving meditation practice.


Learn how to defend yourself not just against physical threats but also against psychological and stressful ones. Experience a martial arts movement system without contact, competition, or hierarchy.

Move Mind and Body in Unison